Modern Automotive Technology Fundamentals New 2014

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New Edition printed 07.2014! 

"Modern Automotive Technology" is a standard work covering the subject of automotive technology. This first English edition is based on the 30th German edition of the title "Fachkunde Kraftfahrzeugtechnik". The work is admirably suited for automobile engineering apprentices, but is also useful for fitters, master craftsmen and technicians as a reference work. 
Among the contents: Motor vehicle; Basics of information technology; Open- and closed-loop control technology; Test technology; Production engineering; Material science; Friction,lubrication, bearings, seals; Design and operating principle of a four-stroke engine; Mechanical engine components; Mixture formation; Two-stroke spark-ignition engine, rotary engine; Drivetrain; Vehicle body; Chassis; Electrical engineering; Comfort and convenience technology; Motorcycle technology; Commercial vehicle technology.(abs,esp,eps,srs,tc,vv­t) 

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