Car Air Conditioning Aircon Cleaning and Disinfection

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Health risks from bacteria and fungi in automobile interiors

You wash it, vacuum up the crumbs and wipe off the muddy shoe prints. But no matter how clean you keep your car, there may still be bacteria and fungi lingering in its heating and air-conditioning system, putting you and your family at risk for potential health problems.


The Sick car syndrome is one of those sneaky hidden dangers -  its warning sign is quite clear.        If you turn on the air conditioner and a bouquet reminiscent of manure or spoiled cabbage comes wafting out, you've got it.

The air conditioning evaporator is a heat exchanger, but is also the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms, as it is installed in a dark and humid environment.

Without disinfection, the breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms remains undisturbed. The blower and air nozzles then funnel the bacteria and micro-organisms into the interior of the vehicle. Besides the unpleasant small, driver and passengers may suffer from

  • sneezing,
  • coughing,
  • streaming eyes,
  • and allergic reactions.


Everyone has a certain amount of tolerance to everything we come in contact with. But at some point our ability to withstand it breaks down, so if you're exposed to fungi and bacteria at home and in the car, your body might become so overwhelmed that you become ill.

Disinfection is the only way!

Our air conditioning disinfection service ensures that the existing microorganisms are killed off. Not only does this remove the foul odours and potential allergic reactions caused by the bacteria, fungus and organisms, but it applies a protective layer to air conditioning system’s components to reduce the likelihood of build up in the future.

Organic Treatment

We using a special composite based on Tea Tree oil.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil taken from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia and New South Wales. Tea tree oil has a wide variety of uses and strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties are so effective that it actively attacks and eliminates staff infections, including MRSA.


Tips To Help Keep Your Car's Interior Mold Free . . .
  • Regularly replace Cabin Air Filters and speak to your technician about getting a Disinfect treatment at the same time to rid the vehicle of existing mold and bacteria.
  • Air-conditioning should be run on the "outside air" setting, as opposed to the re-circulated setting as often as possible. This allows the system to pull in new air and get rid of old moisture (which reduces the chances of contamination).
  • The "max" setting is going to give you re-circulated air and should only be used on very hot days-and only until you get comfortable.
  • Leave the A/C set on the "outside air" setting, while the engine is off. This keeps the vents open and allow outside air to get in. The heat created by a closed system combined with the moisture produces a virtual greenhouse for bacteria and fungi.
  • When you use the A/C, there should be water draining from under the car. No water runoff means that the drain hole is blocked and the evaporator is not drying out, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

We can clean and disinfect your A/C system for you

  • Check your cabin filter
  • Clean filter or replace filter element
  • Disinfect A/C evaporator and heater
  • Check drain pipe if accessible


Terms and conditions

Price excludes cabin filter and courier freight cost.

Some cars heater A/C units are difficult to access, this offer includes a maximum of 30 minutes labor for the technician to clean the unit.

Service available at rob's garage 122a Tahunanui Dr Nelson